Monday, November 13, 2017

Hunting the Five-Point Killer

In C.M. Wendelboe's Hunting the Five-Point Killer, this thriller will take you places you never been before and compel you to read more.  For Arn Anderson, he's a retired detective who asked to be a consultant of the cold case in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He had a hard time getting the CPD's assistance, when he had a notion that it might be connected to the Five-Point Killings and two police officer's suspicious deaths that looked like homicides. And that left Arn to pick up the pieces to study all of those cold cases, especially when Ana Maria Villareal did a TV special on them to broadcast to the public. That's when she received threats to stop the special. And when Arn's on the case to catch her stalker, it came way too close of identifiying him, when he made moes of his own. After when the police chief gets shot and later dies from his coma, it left Arn and Ned Oblanski to revisit everything, especially after Arn had been atacked himself.  As he studied everyone who was close to Butch Spangler and the cold cases, it had turned up the heat when Arn had another attack from the killer again. With help from Danny as his sidekick, an Indian who's helping him renovate his mother's home, they pieces together the puzzle when Arn's friends had to rush to save his friends' lives before it would be too late with a shocking ending on who done it and why.

This was a good thriller that kept me reading. I did care for Arn and his pursuit of justice to solve this cold cases. I did find Georgia Spangler quite amusing and Danny a likeable character. I did like the settings for rural Cheyenne in the midwest with vivid locations around the town. This would make raise eyebrows and shake your head a few times with a grimacing groan. (Needless to say, I did find lot of glaring punctuation/grammar erorrs in this e-arc that the author,  Mr. Wendelboe, and his proofeader/copywriter  missed, especially when it comes to dialogue, capitalization, and wrong/misspelled words. It should've been proofread to catch those errors before it went to publication.)

Will you give Hunting the Five-Point Killer a try tonight?

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