Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Mist

In Carla Neggers's the Mist, the third installment in the Boston Police/FBI romantic suspense/thriller series, this would leave you at the edge of your seat. It all started when Lizzie Rush alerted her friends in Boston about a bomb threat from Ireland. That's when it took off, when it ruptured at two select places. Back in Ireland, Lizzie's trekking the Beara Bay as someone wanted to attack her with a knife. That's when she met Lord Will Davenport, a sexy British spy who came to her aid, and searched for a former traitor who supposedly died in the war. In Boston, Abigail Browning was kidnapped by Norman Estabrook's thugs as he was  well sought out for those who've wronged him and sent him in prison before. Things heat up, when the both of them meet an unlikely ally who wanted to do the greater good, as the chemistry between Lord Will and Lizzie were sizzling hot together. In the end, they had the upper end to come out on top and find their way to each other, saving their friends along the way.

Whether you've read this book in series order or standalone, this thriller and romantic suspense novel will send your heart racing and her pulse to hit the roof. With non-stop action, this would send you on a wild adventure with non-stop action and some romance with drama and intrigue along the way. I loved how Will and Lizzie met your match and how John March and Bob O'Reilly cared for their daughters. I thought Myles Fletcher was a man of intrigue in his own way. I loved the dual locations of Boston and Ireland throughout the novel and the bonus one of Maine towards the end. This would leave you guessing from start to finish.

Will you encounter the Mist today?

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