Thursday, April 28, 2016

Love Walks IN

In Samantha Chase's Love Walks In, the 2nd installment in the Shaughnessy brothers contemporary romance series, this romance novel teaches us about life and how to live a little. For Hugh Shaughnessy, he's a hotel magnate and is in a rut, when his assistant quits on him. As the second oldest brother in his family, he's all business and doesn't have time for fun. That's when he meets Aubrey Burke, who walked into his hotel and got caught in his window. At first, they needed each other to work out their problems. Aubrey's an only child who's only parents doesn't love her enough and needed to spread her own wings. She helped Hugh out in a pinch to deal with his crisis at his hotel. Hugh felt guilty for causing his mother's dead, when he was a teen. But when he met Audrey, he opened it more and begin to feel for each other like they know in their relationship. As he talked about the future, Aubrey remained uncertain and pushed him away to deal with his own issues. In the end, they needed each other to live and love each other more.

This was a beautiful and heart-warming contemporary romance. I really cared about Hugh and Aubrey, alone and together, as a whole. They've both had emotional baggage they've carried for so long. Sometimes they just needed to let it go. I love the California, Montana, and the other various settings for the multiple locations for this romance. This would make you want to laugh, scream and cry for them with a heavy heart. This would move you with its non-stop action, drama, intrigue and romance along the way.

Will you be welcoming love when it walks in the door?

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