Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Darkest Night

In Gena Showalter's The Darkest Night, the first installment in the Lords of Underworld seris, we were introduced to Maddox, a Hungarian immortal lord with a death-curse to suffer the same death he gave Pandora when he killed her. He wasn't alone when his friends shared the same cursed fate, when they carried the spirits from Pandora's Box and shouldn't dare unleash them. When Ashlyn Darrow entered his immortal world, it changed everything about him. She befriended the lords and then fell for Maddox, while she tried to understand him and his friends, while she carried her own secrets, like hearing voices of others from close by. We saw how they struggled their own worst fates with each other, while the Hunters were after them and reunited with former foes. In the end, Ashlyn made a special sacrifice to change everyone's world. This was super well done and got the highest rating from me.

This was a terrific paranormal romance debut in the Lords of Underworld series.  I cared about Maddox and the other Lords and Ashlyn, too. They were some special and unique about them that brought them together. I loved the Hungarian location and the fantastic settings in the series, especially in Prague. I didn't like the Hunters, when the Lords had dealt with their own twisted fate. This would make you cringe and  root for Ash, Maddox and the others, when they suffered horrible fears. Great drama, terrific romance and plenty of non-stop action and intrigue in this great novel.

Will you have the darkest night? If so, grab a copy this weekend!

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