Sunday, July 28, 2013


If you loved Linda O. Johnston's Kendra Ballantyne pet-sitting series, you'll enjoy her newest series, which is a spin-off from them. In Beaglemania, the first installment in the Pet Rescue mystery series, Kendra did make an appearance in here, when he focused on pet rescues in a no-kill animal shelter. Lauren Vancouver was a single mom with two kids in college and worked as Hot Rescues, a no-kill animal shelter, as the administrator. It all started with a puppy mill rescue and a heated confrontation with Ephram Kiley, who made trouble than inroads with the people there. After his vile threats to them, Lauren found him there. We watched how she her discovered the body and other startling surprises, when the police suspected her. But she figured out who wanted to do her in and had killed him. We do see how she loved to care for animals who needed a new home and saved them from imminent danger. She was an underdog you'll be rooting for, as she's no ordinary heroine, while there was a surprise love connection for Lauren.

This was a charming new pet-friendly cozy series from Linda Johnston. I cared about Lauren and her co-workers at the no-kill animal shelter. I also loved the Los Angeles location in this series as well, especially learning the ins and outs of the pet rescuing business. My heart warmed to the animals that were mentioned in the series. This would make you want to rescue pets too and get into the business.  This would warm your heart with a smile and cherish this new series, too. Great drama,  real good action with tons of non-stop action and intrigue to solve this cozy mystery.

Will you become a part of Beaglemania today? If so, adopt a pet and pick up a copy today!

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