Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mastering the Marquess

if you love timeless classic historical romance novels, you'll enjoy this debut from Vanessa Kelly. In Mastering the Marquess, Meredith Burnley had lived a sheltered life with her half-sister Annabel, ever since their father died. In Swallow Hill, their evil aunt, uncle and cousin wanted to do away with them for nefarious purposes. When Meredith fleed with Annabel to their grandparents's home, they sought their sanctuary there in London and asked for some help. At first, they were skeptical, since it brought up memories of an old family scandal. There, Meredith met Lord Silverton, Stephen Mallory, and his cousin Robert Stanton. And it brought the both of them into a whirlwind of a romance. But she encountered some difficulty from the ton, Silverton's mother and other circumstances, since she was poor and common with an inheritance. No matter what, we saw how they both struggled with this predicament and fall helpless in love, when they opened up to each other. This is a new hit!

This was a lovely historical romance about defeating the odds. I cared about Meredith and Annabel and hated her evil aunt, uncle and cousin. I also loved Stephen and his cousin Robert, too.  I loved the time period and the London location for this novel. This made me cry and weep with joy in the end. This also pulled on my heart strings as well. Great drama, excellent action and suspense with a sprinkle of romance and intrigue on top for this great historical romance.

Will you master the marquess, too? If so, pick up a copy today!

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