Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wyoming Fierce

In Diana Palmer's Wyoming Fierce, she wrote a heart-warming story about two people who were lost and needed to find their way. Bolinda "Bodie" Mays was a college student studying anthropology in Montana and lived with her sick grandfather in Wyoming. Their neighbors were the Kirks who lived on a horse ranch and were also friends of the family. When Bodie's grandfather was sick, they were strapped for money. We saw how Bodie dealt with their dilemma with pawning family jewels and looking for work. But when her stepfather Will Jones had his way, he wanted them removed from their family home and evicted off the land. But he was one sick person and had a sick porno obsession. And there was Cane Kirk, a war hero who lost his arm fighting the battle, and dealt with the loss. He was on a path for self-destruction and needed Bodie by him. After the loss of her grandfather, Bodie needed the Kirks more than ever. Little by little, we saw how strong they both are, while they've found their way to each other's heart and to a future. Simply wonderful!

This was a wonderful contemporary romance to warm your heart. I cared about Bodie and Cane. This tugged at my own heart-strings, when I cried throughout the novel, and sighed in the end. I loved the dual locations of Wyoming and Montana for this novel's settings.  I loved the beautiful backdrop of the settings, which was real visual and majestic, too. Beautiful drama, great romance and tons of action and intrigue along the way.

Will you enjoy Wyoming Fierce today? Check it out now!

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