Thursday, July 11, 2013

The 9th Girl

In the 4th installment of the Kovac/Liska series, The 9th Girl, which happened years later since the last book, this dealt with real life everyday events that happened close to home. It was New Years Eve, when a dead body was found bouncing out of a car trunk. It was so unrecognizable, it looked like a zombie. It was now up to Kovac and Liska to identify her and find out what happened to her. We also would go into their minds and see what they dealt with as they believed it could be the ninth victim of a serial killer. While they do it, Liska's son Kyle was having his own life issues at home and being bullied at a special school for gifted students. This also dealt with cyber-bullying of sorts as well. When they worked this case, therewas a serial killer on the prowl and made his next move to his next victim. While they questioned the victim's family and friends, they go back and forth on doubting them. This book had a shocking ending that you wouldn't see coming to leave you breathless. This is so well done!

This was an excellent thriller. This dealt with hard core issues that's so on the news these days. I loved the pairing of Kovac and Liska, when things have changed over the years for them. I loved how it was after the holiday season and took place in a cold Minnesota winter. I didn't like how the victim was bullied and was killed either. I loved how it focused back and forth from Liska's home and career, when it dealt with the same subject matter. This would send chills down their spine. Great drama, excellent action and suspense, and a great mystery wrapped up in a thriller.

Ready for the 9th Girl? Check this out today!

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