Thursday, October 17, 2013

Can You Keep A Secret?

If you loved the Shopaholic series, you'll love one of her classic standalone novels. Meet Emma Corrigan in Can You Keep a Secret? She worked hard for her money at a cola company in the marketing department. Her family paid more attention to her cousin than they do to her. There was a disconnect with her boyfriend Connor. But when she went on a business trip to Scotland, she blabbed all of her secrets to a stranger. Later on, unknowingly, she met the man in person who was the head of her company. She became friends with him and later fell in love with him. Somehow he changed her world for her better and spun it around. They clicked, while she didn't know his secrets. From Emma's POV, you'll root for Emma with a bundle of laughter.

This hilarious chick lit would leave you with a warm and happy feeling. I did began to feel for Emma, when her family mistreated her. All she wanted to do was to impress them. I did feel sorry for her, when she blabbed to a total stranger on the plane. This also left me laughing in stitches. I loved the United Kingdom backdrop from England to Scotland, even from a plane. Overall, this was a great read, when you're feeling down and needed a pick me up, with great dramatic suspense and a dose of humor.

Want to keep a secret?  Grab a copy today!

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