Friday, October 25, 2013

The Whisper

In Carla Neggers's The Whisper, the 4th book in the Ireland series, she took us back to Ireland and to Boston to close out the Boston PD/FBI series. This was a continuation and a conclusion to give you a stand alone story or the closing end, if you read the series in order. Cyrus "Scoop" Wisdom was in Ireland, when he met Sophie Malone, an Irish archaeologist who studied Celtic forklore and experienced a scare of her own in the cave on the Irish island. At first, people didn't believe her and suspected her of what's been going on in Boston. Scoop himself survived a bomb blast, which almost ended his IA career, and was on the trail on Sophie Malone and started to fall for her. From both Scoops's and Sophie's POV, we were both drawn into their stories from their POV of what they've been through, every step of the way. Lots of intrigue and danger followed Sophie and Scoop in both Ireland and Boston, which drew them together and closer than before. Scoop's friends found a happy ending and a love of their own. This is a great story to takes you above and beyond in Ireland and Boston.

This was a wonderful thriller from Carla Neggers. I love the ambiance of both Ireland and of Boston for the location of the settings. I did care and feel things for Sophie and Scoop, when they became embroiled on mysteries of their own. I loved how they were drawn together. I thought Cyrus was an interesting character and Sophie was a bit curious in nature. This was a wonderful story that was filled with drama, romance, intrigue, and action, every step of the way.

Ready to whisper? Give this one a try!

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