Thursday, October 3, 2013

Afraid of the Dark

Jack Swyteck was back into this newest legal thriller by James Grippando. In the 9th installment of the Jack Swyteck thriller series, Afraid of the Dark, it all started with McKenna Mays's death and Officer Vince Paulo's blindness. In this shocking thriller, Grippando took us to the deepest and darkest evil in the world from Miami to London. Not only Jack was embroiled into this disturbing case, his fiancée FBI Andie Henning was also caught up into a real extremely dangerous investigation of her own. When he took Jamal Wakefield as his next client, people did their best to deter him from becoming his lawyer. He ignored the warnings and the danger and learned more of the truth. Andie dug dip into Black Ice, when people were onto her. When they didn't know that their both cases collided with a shocking connection, it placed them both into danger. This heart-gripping novel had non-stop action that went into the deepest parts of darkness.

This was an explosive legal thriller. I loved the South Florida location and the scenery throughout the novel. This would grip you from the first page and keep you hanging on to the end. I did feel  bad for Jack and Andie, when this dealt with nefarious people. I also feel bad for Jack, when he needed to care for his own grandfather. I loved how Vince operated while blind. This gave it a twist of its own.  his had so many shocking surprises that keep you floored as well. This was like an adrenalin rush on a roller coaster ride. Great dangerous action, sharp twists and turns, and plenty dramatic suspense to leave you speechless in the end.

Are you afraid of the dark? Shine a light ahead with a copy of the book today!

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