Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hoping for Love

If you love Catherine Anderson's Kendrick/Harrigan/Coulter contemporary romance series, you'll love Marie Force's McCarthy series set on fictional Gansett Island, Rhode Island.  In Hoping for Love, the 5th book in the Gansett series, you'll be introduced to the McCarthy family and be welcomed into their world. You would also be involved into their troubled relationships into this continuing series and how they resolved it. In this story, we were introduced to Grace Ryan, who was once fat and alone, and found a new love on the island. That was when she met Evan McCarthy, who rescued her from a bad date and changed her life around. He was a confirmed bachelor, a musician, and had no room or interest for a relationship or for love. But when sparks fly between them, those bets were off. Romance was in the air and love goes around for the other residents on the island too. You'll fall in love with this series.

This was a wonderful contemporary romance. I loved the picturesque setting of Gansett Island, Rhode Island. It's so remote, beautiful and peaceful to reside in. I loved getting to know the McCarthys and how everyone had discovered new found love the second time around. I thought Grace was a charming young woman who needed a break. I loved how she found a job and discovered new life there. I hated it when people picked on her and used her. That wasn't right. When you read this romance, you would find warmth, love and happiness down in your heart. Great romance, hint of intrigue and plenty of good action.

Ready to hope for love? Pick up a copy today!

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