Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Deadly Grind

If you love a culinary cozy with a twist, this is one for you. Set in Queensville, Michigan, Victoria Hamilton introduced us to Jaymie Leighton  in her Vintage Kitchen series. In the first installment, A Deadly Grind, Jaymie collected vintage kitchen equipment and started her own vintage cookbook with recipes. But when she bidded for a Hoosier cabinet in an estate sale, things took a turn for the worse. Someone was found dead at her home. And from there, she met Detective Christian, who was a hot piece of eye candy, and reconnected with her friend, Daniel Collins, who both had their eyes set on her. While Jaymie was tangled up in the mystery behind the Hoosier cabinet and its contents, it placed her in a world of danger and intrigue. And people would "kill" for a valuable treasure. There was plenty to enjoy and root for in this new culinary series.

This was an intriguing culinary cozy series. I liked the concept of adding vintage culinary equipment and tools to the mystery. I found Jaymie an interesting character, who now have found herself in a love triangle of her own. It would be hard to say, which one I prefer her with, too. I loved the Michigan-Canada for the dual location settings for this cozy mystery, which was something different than you normally see. This was an interesting cozy with delicious recipes included as well. Great drama, plenty of action and intrigue, and a lot of mystery from start to end.

Want to find a deadly grind? Give this book a try today!

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