Monday, October 28, 2013

Goddess of the Hunt

If you love a beautiful historical romance that pulls at your heartstrings, you'll love Tessa Dare's historical romance debut in the Goddess of the Hunt. She did that, when were introduced to Jeremy and Lucy and their complicated relationship. It all started when Lucy wanted to seduce Jeremy to make Toby jealous. Secretly, she took it a bit too far, when she met her match with her brother's best friend, Jeremy. Sheltered by her brother Henry and fatherless since her birth, she was an adventuress type who tended to get into trouble. Jeremy didn't dare to fall in love with Lucy, when it might've crossed lines of his friendship. But after one kiss, those bets were off. It changed everything. After he bedded her, he comprised her and proposed to her in an unlikely passion. Through their eyes, we saw what they go through in their marriage and discovered that love brought them together. That's the true material thing they needed in love. What an enchanted tearjerker.

This was a beautiful historical romance. This one brought tears to my eyes and made me cry. It was so beautiful and moving at the same time. My heart went out to Lucy throughout this novel. I believed that Toby was a pompous jerk. Although her brother might be a bit over-bearing in his protective nature, I loved how Jeremy and Lucy came together. I loved the backdrop of 18th century England. Somehow Fate drove them together to find love. A great historical romance with hints of passionate drama and intrigue.

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