Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dead End Deal

If you love enthralling medical thrillers, this is one for you. In Allen Wyler's Dead End Deal, this take you all over the place. Jon Ritter was a surgeon who worked on a cure for Alzheimer's from stem cells. When his mentor had gotten killed, a group of anti-abortion protesters marked him as a target and posted his profile on the website. And since then, they wanted him to kill the deal or else. When the FBI had gotten involved into this case, they encouraged him to do the same thing. We'll saw what Jon decided to do in his point of view from start to finish, when his life remained on the line. Jon was  determined to get the exploratory surgery done elsewhere, as it took him to South Korea, when things went wrong. This also took him to get back home to prove his innocence and clear his name. This fast-paced thriller is like a roller coaster ride you'll enjoy.

This was another fantastic medical thriller from Allen Wyler. I did care about Jon Ritter for the entire novel. I didn't like the way people treated him, especially down in South Korea. I liked the locations he went in this novel from USA to Korea and back home. This would make you take a deep breath and release a sigh for relief in the end. Great drama, excellent medical thriller suspense, and plenty of non-stop action for a thrill ride.

Watch out for the dead end deal? Pick up a copy today!

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