Friday, December 19, 2014

The Orion Project

In Edward Marin's The Orion Project, this action-adventure was something different than your typical action-adventure novel. For Dan and Linda, two museum workers who were in charge of the Egyptian sarcophagi for display. When one mummy named Tonemcadu reawakened, it took them a wild ride for them. From there, they taught him English and the modern technology, when he informed him about his special project. Later on, he went on his adventure to find work, love, and to complete his mission with some complications with a surprise ending. This action-adventure had some fantasy elements in it, too.

For starters, I only gave this three stars, because it was a bit whimsical and not a typical action-adventure. I did feel sorry for Dan and Linda, when they had to deal with Tonemcadu, and the aftermath when he wanted to be free. For awhile, it took me awhile to get used to him. He was okay for the mummy. I was happy that he was happy to find new love, since he was separated from his own family from centuries, and to complete his mission on time. I liked the adventure it took us from Chicago to Egypt in the end. This did feel a bit like a fantasy to me. Good humor, a light pace for action, and plenty of drama for a quick read.

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