Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Twenty-Eight_and_a-Half Wishes

In the first installment of the Rose Gardner mystery series, Twenty-Eight-and-a-Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank, she introduced us to a great mystery series with a romantic comedy twist. For 24-year-old Rose, she lived with her verbal abuse mother at home and worked at the DMW, when she had a vision of her own death. When she finally stood up to her mother, she came home to her own mother murdered. That's when her own neighborhood believed she killed her own mother, except for her sister and her hunky and mysterious next-door neighbor Joe McAllister. From there, she needed to clear her name and make a wish list of things she wanted to do, since she saw more visions of her impending death. In the end, she discovered freedom and who wanted to do her in, too, with a surprising twist.

This was a terrific mystery series with hints of romantic comedy to give you laughs and goosebumps. I did like the small town Arkansas location for the series. I did feel sorry for Rose that everything bad had happened to her in a span of a week or two. Sometimes Joe aggravated me, like I knew he had a deep secret to hide. They make a cute couple together. This would leave you laughing in stitches and give you chills as well. Great comedic elements with tons of romance, new hints of intrigue and suspense to keep my mystery going to the end.

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