Saturday, December 27, 2014

Political Suicide

In the second installment of Michael Palmer's Dr. Lou Welcome medical thriller series, Political Suicide, Lou Welcome returned into another excellent medical thriller. This time, when one of his friends was arrested for a crime he didn't commit, it was up to Lou to prove his innocence. While he continued to bond with his daughter Emily, he fought his toughest adversaries yet, Spencer Hogarth and Commander Wyatt Brody of the Mantis Company, a special military outfit who fought the war against terrorism. With help from Sarah Cooper, Gary's attorney, they formed a formidable team as friends and later possible a love connection between them to stop Mantis before it was too late.

This was another terrific medical thriller from Michael Palmer. This had some political thriller elements into it as well. I liked Lou bonding with the daughter. I felt sorry for him, for the Colstons, Gary McHugh, and for Edith Harmon as well. I found Sarah a bit rough around the edges. But she softened up to Lou. I think they could make a great couple in the future. I didn't like Brody one bit, while I didn't care so much for Hogarth and the dirty cop. Some scenes were a bit rough to stomach, too. Great drama, excellent action, and tons of suspense with a major medical connection, too.

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