Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Wishing Season

Welcome to Chapel Springs, Indiana. In the third installment of the Chapel Springs series by Denise Hunter, The Wishing Season, she told us a heart-warming love story about a small town. For Penelope Jane "PJ" McKinley, she wanted to open her own restaurant and B&B to prove to her family she could do it on her own. For Cole Evans, a handyman and adopted by a foster family, he wanted a transitional house for young adults to learn life skills before they can life on their own. When they proposed their idea dreams for Mrs. Simmons's old ancestral home, they had a year to make it work before a final decision would be made. For PJ and Cole, they started out as rivals and friends and later to something more, when  they went through their own ups and downs in life and realized they wished for something better and more... each other, when their wishes and dreams would come true.

This was a wonderful small town contemporary romance. This would move you to tears and warm your heart. I loved the community connections in Chapel Springs, Indiana. It sounded ideal to have both a B&B/restaurant and a transitional house for adopted kids too. I instantly cared about Cole and PJ and how they worked things out. I fell in love with then, since I could see how they were well made for each other. My heart broke into a thousand pieces for Cole a few times and for PJ, too. You would fall in love with this book. It had a blooming romance, a hint of intrigue and suspense, and an excellent storyline.

Ready to make a wish? Pick up a copy today!

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