Friday, December 26, 2014

Dead Lift

In the second--and perhaps final?--installment of the Emily Locke mystery series from Rachel Brady, Dead Lift, Emily Locke returned to solve another gripping mystery. For Emily, she tried to build a new life as a single mom to Annette, while she placed her career on hold as a private investigator. But she'd gotten embroiled into a case, when a plastic surgeon was found killed and her client was arrested in prison. It was up to Emily to discover who was the murder and link it to an elderly abuse scam case as well. The closer she'd gotten to the truth, the more endangered she placed herself into harm's way for her and her daughter.

This was another great and fantastic read. I did feel sorry for Emily, who tried to reach out to her daughter Annette, when the Fosters became her real "parents." It just wasn't fair, though they're putting her best interest at heart. I was also sad to believe there was no other books in the series that I know of. This was a gripping mystery that would pull at your heart strings real tight. This made me cringe, cry and sigh a few times. I loved the Houston backdrop as well. I do like Emily and Vince as a new couple, since she last her husband Jack. Great drama, nice easy reading with a shocking twist for a mystery, and plenty of action all around.

Ready for a good read? Pick up a copy today!

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