Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Special Review: Zodiac from December 2008

In Neal Stephenson's Zodiac, we were introduced to Sangamon Taylor and his world in this eco-thriller. He knew about chemical sludge and evil very well. He followed the trail of sludge that led him to some nasty places. They bombed his house and shadowed his every footstep, when he was listed on the FBI's Most Wanted List and played a starring role for a near-assassination of the president. He would need help from his tofu-eating compadres to find an escape and to get out of his scrape on a Zodiac and save the day as a good guy.

At first, I had a love/hate relationship with this book. But in the end, I really did enjoy it. I did care about Sangamon Taylor and his ecological fight for the planet. I love the ecological theme to this novel, when it dealt with chemical sludge that could do harm to the planet. I love the central location of the Boston Harbor area in this one. This would take you for a wild ride for sure. Great tension, plenty of suspense and intrigue with an interesting mystery and non-stop action to the end.

Ready to ride the zodiac? Hop aboard with a copy today!

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