Monday, December 29, 2014

An Evil Shadow

In the first installment of the Val Bosanquet Mystery series by AJ Davidson, An Evil Shadow, we were introduced to his wild and wacky world. Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, Valentino "Val" Bosanquet was a former NOPD detective and lost his finger, a decade ago, to one of his cases. When his brother Marcus asked him to step in to be the interim security chief for the University of New Orleans, when Marie Duvall, a young Haitian girl who lost her mother due a brutal crime, she was accused of the crime. He needed to step in to protect, though he had his druthers. Along the way, he dealt with his soon to be ex-wife, who was in love with his brother, dirty cops and other nefarious types of people who didn't want him to stand in the way of their schemes. He would stop at nothing to get to the both of it.

This was a fantastic mystery series with a great introduction to Val Bosanquet and his family. I loved the New Orleans location and Val's background. I did feel bad for Marie Duvall, who was accused of killing her mother. I also felt the same way about Val, who lost his finger, quit his job, and now losing his wife to his own brother. Talk about an awkward love triangle! I did feel bad about the Jacksons and for Marcus as well. This would enthrall you through and through, straight to the end. Fantastic drama, excellent suspense and mystery, and plenty of fast-paced action.

Ready to stop an evil shadow? Pick up a copy today!

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