Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Poisoned Season

If you love a good suspense and historical romance, you'll enjoy the second book in the Lady Emily series. In a Poisoned Season, Emily's mourning period was over, and things were going well with Colin. They were so in love and talked of marriage. Meanwhile, there was talks about the thefts of Marie Antoinette's jewelry and a new heir to the crown of Louis XVI. Emily had a mysterious secret admirer. When she investigated the theft and an innocent woman became accused of murder, she realized the connection of the poison and the spy in her household. Threats had been made on Emily's life to stop investigation, along with vicious gossip. When she realized who it was, she found out the truth with her life in the line, and was wary of the people she trusted. A great series.

This was another fantastic historical suspense novel. It had everything you could wish for and so much more in this storyline. I continued to care for Emily and her love affair with Colin, a perfect match in my opinion. I loved the Marie Antoinette-Louis XVI angle as well. It added an air of mystique and drama to it. I also love the dual locations of England and France as well to set the scene. Well-researched and well-written, this would suck you right into that time period and take you for a wild ride. Great drama, nice hint of historical romance, and plenty of action.

Please give this book a good look today!

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