Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Necessary Evil

If you love bone-chilling thrillers, you'll love the Maggie O'Dell series by Alex Kava. In A Necessary Evil, the first book in the Maggie O'Dell series,  Maggie investigated a serial killer case, when she found the heads and couldn't find the bodies. While this happened, someone threatened Dr. Gwen Patterson. When Maggie was called to go to Nebraska, she reunited with her old flame and on the serial killer case of someone beheading priests and killing them. They believed it had something to do with an online game for abused altar boys to vent out their anger. One by one, a dead beheaded priest was found in different states. As she investigated this case, Gwen's life was in danger, and a lurker wasn't far behind. It had a shocking end I can't give away! You'll have to read it.

This is a great thriller debut with an exciting new heroine to root for. To place the setting in rustic Lincoln Nebraska gave it an urban feel.  We do get to learn a bit more about Maggie's background and watch her interact with others. Between Nick and Maggie, we can feel the chemistry they had in the past and could be still there. She made for an intriguing new character. The plotline of the execution of Catholic priests was a bit hard-hitting and still exists today with their abuse of religious power on vulnerable young children to prey on. This one left you with chills and a cold sweat.

Ready to get chilled? Pick up a copy today!

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