Saturday, September 17, 2011

Killer Instinct

If you love action-packed thrillers, you'll enjoy Killer Instinct. Jason Steadman is an employee at Entronics, who wants to move up the ladder of success. He and his wife Kate are trying to have a baby too. Things aren't too good for him, until he met Kurt Semko, a former Special Forces vet, who helped him out with his car. From there, things get better. He recruited Kurt to the softball team and gets him a job in Security at the same building. From there, things get crazy, when he's up for competition for VP against two people, when their luck fail on landing a client, and he gets better. Of course, Kurt "helped"  him along the way. But when things get dicey, when Kurt tells him about trade secrets and corporate espionage, one employee found dead, and Jason's get  better. Kate's pregnant. From there, suspicions are thrown his way, when his boss gets drunk, and he gets promoted, and it escalates from there and gets worse, when he finds out who's really behind it all, when his life is endangered. What a shocking twist!

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