Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dirty Martini

If you love a great mystery with a bit of humor, you'll enjoy Dirty Martini. In the 4th installment of the Jack Daniels series, Jack was up against a serial killer who targeted Chicago with a vengeance. He was killing them with food poisoning and other ideas, when he called himself The Chemist, who had his sights set for Jack and the Chicago PD. When they closed on in him, he booby-trapped places where to find him, killing them on sight. Not only that, Latham proposed to her as Jack discovered a hidden family secret. This was a nice quick read to zip on through and root for Jack Daniels.

This was another great witty mystery with tons of humor. I still continue to care about Jack , the Chicago PD, and her personal life. I love the Chicago location and the interesting and puzzling book cover and title.  I did feel sorry for Latham and for Jack's relationship. The Chemist sent chills down my spine. This one had another wallop of humor, an immense level of intrigue, and sharp wit for this mystery.

Ready for another round of drinks? Check this out today!


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