Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Storming Heaven

If you love fast-paced mysteries/thrillers, you'll love the Mark Beamon series from Kyle Mills. In the second installment, Storming Heaven, Beamon was assigned a tough case. After Jennifer Davis's parents were killed, she was kidnapped by people and were trapped in a lonely prison. Beamon was on the case, when he needed to be careful on whom to trust, from his co-workers at the FBI, even to his closest allies. When he made a connection to the religion of the Knessians and its church, the pressure and the heat had gotten to him from everywhere. As he had gotten closer to the truth, his life was turned around--even vicious rumors and lies were spread to weaken him and to concede. But he didn't give up, as he fought to save Jennifer's life and to get his life back together.  What an enjoyable thriller.

This was another intriguing thriller in the Beamon series. I continue to care about Beamon and his FBI career. I liked the exploration of the religious cult angle to give it a helluva kick for the plotline. I did feel bad for Jennifer Davis as well. I loved the Virginia location as well. I liked how nothing and no one brought him down. This had a great plot, interesting cast of characters, great dramatic suspense and a compelling mystery to wrap it all up.

Ready to storm Heaven? Give this one a try this month!

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