Friday, April 22, 2011

Alpine Advocate

If you love a good cozy set in a small town, you'll love Alpine Advocate by Mary Daheim, the first installment in the Emma Lord series.. Set in Alpine Washington, Emma Lord was a single, unmarried mother, who raised her son alone, and now was an editor of a small weekly newsletter, trying to make ends meet.  When her son's friend came to town, things did get complicated, since he was estranged with his family.  There were hidden innuendos, family secrets, and a lot of bitterness between them. When Mark Doukas wounded up getting killed, it stirred up a lot of trouble. Later, when there was another murder, things do get heated up with talk of scandals. When an old murder had been discovered, things did get interested. And before you know it, Emma was over her head and into trouble. This is a great start for a new series.

This was a great introduction to the Emma Lord series. You do get to care about her, since she was a single mother and a newcomer to a new town. We do get to know the town residents and the people she worked up with in small town, Alpine, Washington.  I also cared about Adam, especially since he didn't know his dad and his friend had gotten killed. This would make you second-guess everybody and question everything. Good drama, nice action and plenty of suspense with tons of history all around.

Will you check out Alpine Advocate? Give it a try today!

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