Friday, April 29, 2011

White Doves at Morning

If you enjoy good historical fiction, you'll enjoy this story, set in the Civil War in Louisiana. In White Doves at Morning, Willie Burke helped a mulatto slave named Flower Jamison learn to read.  He also gotten into trouble and then joined the war with his friends, Robert Perry and Jim S. During the four years of the war, each character told their story. Flower's battled with her white father and being taunted, Abigail Dowling, an abolitionist, who helped free slaves and the KKK, Willie's years in the war, amongst other characters in their POVs. There was a lot of drama and a hint of romance here, while the war went on and after it ended. This was a good one who can't miss for an enjoyable read.

This was a beautiful historical fiction with a tough of historical romance. It dealt with the war and a group of friends who fought during the war as well. The circle of life and death revolved in this storyline, when it focused on slavery and war injuries. This held me on the first page and kept me going until the end. Plenty of tears were shed, when I read it.

Ready to relive the war? Give his awesome novel a shot, this weekend!

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