Friday, March 25, 2011

The Shadow of Your Smile

If you love good mysteries, you'll enjoy this newest mystery. Monica Farrell was a pediatrician in New York, who wanted to know more about her father's birth parents, and took care of children. Not only that, she was asked to testify for Sister Catherine's beautification. In the midst of things, the Gannons were after her with a shocking family secret: she was a heiress to die for. People had died to find the truth and expose the Gannons for who they were. Plenty of shocking twists and turns in this mystery to keep you guessing in the Shadow of Your Smile.

This was an excellent thriller that kept me in suspense through the novel. I loved the Catholic connection of the nun and canonization as a nice touch with a twist.  It's funny how there's always a hidden family secret twist to most mysteries and thrillers. I didn't care much for the Gannons. But Monica seemed to be a most interesting person, while she discovered more about her family history.  I do enjoy any Mary Higgins Clark mystery.

Ready to get intrigued? Check out a copy today!

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