Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drop Shot

In the second installment of the  Myron Bolitor series, Drop Shot, sports agent, Myron Bolitar was at a tennis match, when he witnessed Valerie Sampson being shot down in cold blood. Little did he know, that she was going to go to him before her untimely death. Now, it was up to Myron to find out, who and why he shot her, along with uncovering some cold cases along the way. He dealt with a rival sports agency, death threats, and people lying to him, calling his bluff,  while he wasn't deterred and determined to get to the truth, even if they came after him and his girlfriend Jessica Culver. If you love some humor into your mystery series, you'll enjoy Drop Shot. 

This was a great mystery dealing with a sports focus. We do get to care about Myron, his associates, and his family. You'll be able to read this book in a day or two, since it's an easy read and fast-paced as well. There's some humorous books you'll be laughing and smiling about the good parts. I loved the setting of New Jersey/New York and some sports in Philly, like at the sports agency to paint a good picture of things.

Ready, set, match! Give this book a try tonight!

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