Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Lost Daughter

If you love great legal thrillers, you'll love the continuing series of Lily and Shana Forrester in My Lost Daughter.  In the last installment, Lily was in the middle of the head-lining case, straight from the news, when she was worried about her daughter Shana and the distant gap between them. Things still haven't been the same. Shana's life was falling apart. When Lily visited her, she was worried about the mess she made and the lies Shana told. Convinced she needed help, she sent her to Whitehall, when things weren't what they seemed for her medication. While Lily was on trial, Shana learned the secrets between Whitehall and the obsessive nature on one of her "friends", when drugs made you crazy and strange. Worried for her life, she called or help, when things got in tense, once she was out, and more into danger, which only brought Lily and Shana together and closer than before. What a good one!

This was a pivotal conclusion the series, when it focused on both mother and daughter. I became worried for Shana and for Lily as well. This would leave you with a lump in your throat as well. I loved how they've gotten closer together to move past the hard times from the past.  It was only a fitting conclusion with closure for both of them. I loved the scenic backdrop from California to paint the scene well. I'll miss this series and her other books.

Ready to fight for someone you love? Give this whole series a try!

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