Saturday, March 26, 2011

Red Lily

If you love good romantic suspense with a twist, you'll enjoy Red Lily, the final book in the In the Garden series. In Red Lily, it focused on Hayley's story of finding romance with Roz's son, Harper Ashby. Once friends, they realized they have feelings for each other, and became lovers. They eventually love each other in more ways than one. But don't forget Amelia, the ghost who sought revenge on the Harpers and on finding her lost son. They've learned what happened to her, her son, and how she died. But Amelia's ghost haunted Hayley, caused her harm, along with other women for competition. Later, they learned that love conquered all, when there was a happy ending for all three women at Harper House. What a good ending!

This was a touching ending, when this focused on Hayley's story to find love after she gave birth to her child. The connection between her and Harper was fiery red hot. I loved how he cared for her and her baby, too. I loved the gardening scenes in this one as well, while the ghost story died down to a happy and surprise ending with a twist from the Harper Bride. I did feel bad for Amelia, but happy for the others as well. What a lovely way to close the story!

Ready to thrive on a good romance? Give this one a look!

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