Sunday, March 6, 2011

311 Pelican Court

If you love great romance series, you'll enjoy Debbie Macomber's 311 Pelican Court, the 3rd book in the Cedar Cove series. When Rosie Cox got divorced, Judge Olivia Lockhart gave her and her ex a weird ruling--they had to give the house to their two kids. Between them, they tried to make it work with the visitation agreement, while second guessing what went wrong in their marriage, while it had affected their kids the most. Slowly they rekindled their feelings together. Meanwhile while they tried to solve the murder mystery of who was killed in Bob and Peggy's B&B, we continue to watch what happened with Grace Sherman, Jack and Olivia's relationship, and Justine deal with being wed to Seth. An enjoyable read.

Although I haven't read the 2nd book in the series and skipped it, (and this storyline haven't been featured in Hallmark's Cedar Cove, maybe this summer for season 3,) this was a wonderful romance/woman's fiction novel. I did like the settings for Cedar Cove, Washington, when each address had a storyline feature. I did care about the Coxes and the other Cedar Cove residents. I did get a bit worried on how they were going to work things out, too, in the end. This would make you cry, sigh and praise God for a happy ending in this revolving series. Great drama, nice action with a hint of mystery and romantic suspense.

Welcome to 311 Pelican Court? Enjoy with a copy today!

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  1. Interesting concept- this book does make you think- I mean if the kids get the house you'd think their life is less messed up moving from place to place- but its interesting to consider the impact of the children. Thanks for sharing.


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