Thursday, March 17, 2011

Summer Garden Murder

In Ann Ripley's Summer Garden Murder, the 8th installment in the Gardening Cozy Mystery series, Louise Eldridge's summer  party was interrupted, when Peter Hoffman came back to terrorize her neighborhood and her in particular. He was known as the "mulch" killer, a few years ago, and had returned from four years in mental rehab. After he frightened Louise, she decided to take her family on vacation. When she returned, Hoffman wound up missing. As Louise did her gardening, he ended up dead. And all evidence pointed to her, putting her family and her career in danger. Things go from bad to worse, days later, when someone else wound up missing and dead. And with the help from family and her neighbors, they helped her discover who's the cold-blooded killer  that who had framed her. It's a fight to the end.

This was another nice  captivating garden mystery from Ann Ripley. I continued to care for Louise and her family, when they received another scare from their past... a most frightening one. I didn't care for much for Peter, then and now. I still loved the gardening tips and the Washington D.C. location as well. This would make you grit your teeth and let out a big hollowed breath in the end. Great drama, compelling non-stop action with suspense, intrigue and mystery right to the end.

Come on and give this a try, before you plant your summer garden today!

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