Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fatal Fiction

In Kym Roberts's Fatal Fiction, the first installment in the Book Barn Mystery cozy series, this startling debut has plenty of humor and lots of intrigue. When Charlie Rae Warren came home to help her father out by selling the bookstore in Hazel Rock, Texas, she had stumbled into a murder at the same store. From there, she became a suspect, while her father was missing and have been presumed to be missing from the law, she took matters into her own hands to clear his name. She came across her high school boyfriend and the new sheriff, while she looked for new suspects and new clues. While she tried to save the store by revamping it, she learned rumors and idle gossip into the small town. Someone tried to sabotage her and cause her a scare. After her father turned up, she faced the hard core truth of who really was the killer and why, when she finally had figured it out in the end.

This was a fantastic cozy mystery debut. I really cared about Charli Warren, a biracial girl living in the small town. That's really diverse and something more we would love to see more often in any genre novel. I found Cade and Mateo and Scarlet, all charming in their own way. I loved how they came together to save the small town store to raise money and make a good profit. And you've got to love Princess, the pink armadillo! That cracked me up! This would take you into a great new world of cozy mysteries. This would make you laugh and groan and root for Charli Rae. This has drama, a hint of romance and good humor, non-stop action and plenty of intrigue.

Will you check out Fatal Fiction today?

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