Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Vicious Vet

In MC Beaton's The Vicious Vet, the 2nd installment in the Agatha Raisin cozy mystery series, get ready for a light reading tale of lies and deceit of the worst kind. After Agatha Raisin returned from her vacation, she decided to take her cat to the newest vet. Low and behold, he became popular with the ladies. But when he was found dead, the police claimed it was an accident, while Agatha didn't think so otherwise. She searched for answers on who wanted him dead and why. When Mrs. Josephs claimed she had information on him, when Agatha paid her a visit, she turned up dead. Now with her death, she believes it was a suspicious death. As she started snooping around for shocking clues, someone threatened her and later kidnapped her cats to hush her. The closer she had gotten closer to the truth, the killer cornered her to make her next. After he confessed, it shocked her what he had done next in a climaxing end.

This was another great cozy mystery caper to read in a sitting or two. I still adored Agatha and her love for her two cats. I absolutely believe James Lacey could be the perfect man for her and just be himself. I've found the town of Carseley is charming along with the other English towns for the picturesque settings and locations. This is superb for a great read with drama, suspense, intrigue and plenty of mystery to go around.

Will you be wary of the Vicious Vet?

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