Sunday, December 11, 2016

Neighing with Fire

In Katherine O'Sullivan's Neighing with Fire, the third installment in the Colleen McCabe mystery series, if you can't stand the heat, step away from the fire. For Colleen McCabe, a small town fire chief in Corona, North Carolina, it all started with finding a dead body being washed up by the shore. Then there was a series of arsons in the area that her small team had to help put out. Besides her budding romance with Bill Dorman, a police detective, and preparing for one of her fire fighter's wedding, she started snooping around to discover who wanted to set up her former teacher, Myrtle Crepe, and who had murdered Denny Custis in cold blood. The closer she asked around for answers, the fires became more frequent to scare the horses on the beach and with the piping plovers. If it wasn't for her Border Collie Sparky, she would've have figured out who was the arsonist and why, before he had a chance to escape from her dog's scent to catch the killer.

This was a beautiful mystery that's set in an idyllic small town. The location was so lovely in North Carolina and the beach scenes for the settings were wonderful. I love Colleen as a small town fire chief and how she had a budding romance with Bill. I loved how Myrtle cared for the environment and for the horses. This is similar to the Assateauque Island horses off the Maryland coast, who might lose their island home from the shore.  This is a a compelling mystery with plenty of intrigue and drama, suspense and non-stop action to keep you guessing.

Will you be neighing with fire today?

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