Thursday, December 8, 2016

If Looks Could Kill

In Kate White's If Looks Could Kill, the first installment in the Bailey Weggins mystery series, she told us a compelling and intriguing mystery about what lies beneath the surface. When Bailey Weggins, a true crime writer for a magazine, receives a call from her fellow friend and co-worker Cat, about her nanny Heidi being unconscious in her bedroom, Bailey helps her find out and discovers that Heidi had died. Later on, they talk to the police about the discovery and learn she was poisoned by truffles at the party.  Bailey starts her own investigation to learn more about Heidi's life and more on Cat's marriage issues. The closer she had dug her own heels into the truth, the more someone wants her silent. As she had taken a closer look at her fellow colleagues at the magazine, she figured it out before she was next on the list with a shocking twist.

This was an intriguing mystery debut that takes us behind the scenes of the magazine industry. I cared for Bailey and became concerned about Cat. Some of the characters I didn't like, but I did found Jack a potential love interest for Bailey okay. I loved the NYC backdrop for the locations and the settings for the storyline. This would take you on a wild ride with a gripping storyline from start to finish with non-stop drama, action, suspense and plenty of mystery.

Will you be daring to read If Looks Could Kill?

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