Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sparking the Fire

In Kate Meader's Sparking the Fire, the third installment in the Hot in Chicago contemporary romance series, get ready to be doused by the hose to cool yourself down. Seven years ago, Molly Cade was an upcoming actress who met Wyatt Fox, a Marine and had a passionate love affair for a week. Fast forward to the present, when Molly arrives in Chicago to shoot a film for her movie and base it on Wyatt's sister. But in order to get through a yes, she needed to get through to him and to his big family. For Wyatt, since he injured his shoulder on the job, while it needed it to heal, he acted as a consultant for a movie set. Lo and behold, it was Molly's and the sparks began to fly. While he had a job to protect his niece from the family drama, he stayed away from Molly, but he couldn't help himself. Molly had to do with some ugly baggage from her ex-husband and the public scandal he caused to wreck havoc on her image. During the shoot, she made new friends and stood up to herself, while the chemistry between her and Wyatt was smoking hot to a steamy ending.

This was a sexy, steamy and hot contemporary romance all rolled up into one hot package. I loved the Chicago settings for this backdrop for this novel--inside and outside the firehouse. I loved how Molly stood up to take back her freedom and grabbed the reign about her own image. I loved how this showed a diverse case of foster siblings living in one family and how Gage cared about his man Brady. The chemistry between Wyatt and Molly were palpable and smoldering like a candle flame. You would fall in love with these two crazy lovebirds from page one. This has plenty of sexy romance, non-stop action, a hint of intrigue and plenty of drama with a capital D.

Will you be sparking the fire today?

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