Monday, December 26, 2016

Ark of Fire

In C.M. Palov's Ark of Fire, the first installment in the Caedmon Aisquith thriller series, this esoteric thriller is packed with non-stop action in every turned page. It all started, when Edie Miller, a photographer for the national art museum witnessed the murder of her boss's death. From there, everything's been covered up and swept under the rug. On the run for her life, she contacted Caedmon Aisquith, an associate from her boss, who could help her solve the puzzle on the Ark of the Covenant, a prized possession that withheld the hands of time and could start a war. From Washington D.C. to London, danger followed them by the hot of the heels from a war-crazed zealot named Stan MacFarlane along with his goons. As they began to untangle the twisted cryptic messages in the poem and later from a stained glass window, the more trouble followed them at their every doorstep. And it lead them to Malta, when they might start a world war. It's up to Edie and Caedmon to stop them in their tracks and to uncover the greatest mystery of them all, when this adventure would never end to find this lost and buried treasure.

This was an explosive thriller with a lot of non-stop action for this adventure and esoteric adventure thriller series. I cared about Edie and Caedmon as a force to be reckoned with, alone and with a potential couple. I do find Caedmon a bit annoying sometimes with this wealth of knowledge, but I do adore his red hair. I liked how they join forces to go across the country and to stop a new world war. I loved the trio of locations of D.C., London and Malta for the picturesque settings. This would take you on a whirlwind adventure wind with non-stop action, drama, romance, intrigue and a boat-load of mystery.

Will you be on the hunt for the ark of fire today?

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