Saturday, December 31, 2016

Too Hot to Handle

In Tessa Bailey's Too Hot to Handle, the first installment in the Romancing the Clarksons contemporary romance series, get ready to fan yourself and cool yourself with a hot glass of water. After Rita Clarkson had accidentally burned down her late mother's restaurant, she found an entry in her journal with her last wishes for Rita and her three siblings. To complete that final wish, they would have to take a road trip from Los Angeles to New York City. On the way there, their car breaks down in the middle of New Mexico, when help arrived on a motorcycle. The Good Samaritan who rescued them is named Jasper Ellis, who tried to live up to his grandfather's expectations. While the car's in the shop, both Rita and Jasper get to know each other better, while she tried to settle the peace between her brothers and sisters, who haven't seen each other in years.  But the chemistry between Jasper and Rita was steamy hot, ever since he kissed her and when they made love with each other. He helped her find peace and faith to cook again in the kitchen since the fiasco, while she also found a new home where she belonged with him and in his kitchen of his restaurant. While her sisters continued to road trip without her to NYC, she had found what she was looking for in a fresh new start.

This was a fantastic contemporary romance debut.  I adored Rita and her siblings, as they've tried to get along and make peace in the end with encouragement. I found Jasper hot and sexy altogether with his flannel shirt. I also cared for Rita, Aaron, and Belmont, as they've tried to make amends and help Rita out with her toughest decision to stay in Hurley, New Mexico.I found Hurley very picturesque for a small town in the middle of nowhere with all the right fixings for an idealistic location and settings. The chemistry between Rita and Jasper was hot all over. This would take you on a thrill ride with your emotions and senses as you would cry, sigh, and cheer on Rita in the end. This has plenty of romance and love with great drama, non-stop action, and a hint of humor.

Will you be too hot to handle to grab a copy today?

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