Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Crescent Dawn

In Clive Cussler's Crescent Dawn, the 21st installment in the Dirk Pitt NUMA action-adventure series, this took you right into the heart of the Middle East. It all started with the missing Roman galley who disappeared many centuries again. Now with a heated war between Turkey and Israel during a political year, things get down to the nitty gritty. For Dirk and the NUMA cry, it all began with a vacation and them it went downhill from there with stolen antiquities, terrorism and piracy, and the loot of pilfered treasures. It reached far back from England and back to the shores. For the Celik siblings, they wanted to do it for power for their new leader. But they would do anything to get in their ways from explosives to committing murders. When Dirk and his crew are onto them, it's a fight to the finish on land and on sea with a fitting ending.

This was another fascinating action-adventure novel with gripping pages to read. I cared about Dirk and his family, along with the NUMA crew. I hated to see Sophie killed from a senseless act of violence. I didn't like the Celiks one bit, while Bannister was okay. I loved to see Dirk Jr. and Summer have adventures of their own. The scenery from England to Cyprus, Turkey and Israel was stunning for the locations. This would enthrall you with plenty of action, drama, twists and turns, and lots of adventure and suspense every step of the way.

Will you be ready to go exploring by a crescent dawn?

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