Saturday, June 18, 2016

Reckoning and Ruin

In Tina Whittle's Reckoning and Ruin, the 5th installment in the Tai Randolph mystery series, a southern mystery with all the fixings to keep you in suspense all night long. For Theresa Ann "Tai" Randolph, her new homestead in Savannah had but been nothing but that to her. While she dealt with her boyfriend Trey Seaver's injury of the predicament, she dealt with more than she can handle. First it started with a lawsuit from her Uncle Jasper and what followed suit after it. Home it wasn't what it supposed to be, when someone requested her services to find John Wilde who had gone missing. That's when she ran into trouble with her cousins and other ruffians, when she had gotten truth to the matter. It all boiled down to the missing looted money that lead her being on the lam from the law. With a couple attempts on her life, she had gotten closer to the truth of her uncle's business with the KKK and some unfortunate family business of her own. She was also concerned about Trey's health and her relationship with him in the end as he told her some secrets of his own.

This was a delightful and intriguing mystery set in the south. I loved the Atlanta and Savannah dual locations and settings in Georgia to make it all too surreal and authentic. I cared about Tai and Trey's relationships and what they had to endure to make it work and get through some sticky spots. I didn't like the KKK connection, but that's part of our history and the south these days. This would give you a great read this summer with a great hooked mystery to sink your teeth into with drama, suspense, intrigue, a hint of romance, and plenty of non-stop action.

Will you check out Reckoning and Ruin today?

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