Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lily of the Nile

In Stephanie Dray's Lily of the Nile, the first installment in the Cleopatra's daughter historical fiction/romance series, she had taken account on altering history with a fictional touch.  For Cleopatra Selene, her world changed, when her mother committed suicide. Now her two brothers and herself are wards of the Roman emperor and orphans without a home. Forced to live with Gaius Juba's home, she joined her half-brothers and sisters and learned how the Roman ruled the world.  For this preteen female, it was up to her to save her brothers from the Roman empire and lived with the magic from the Isaics temple with blood-written hieroglyphics on her arms. While she lived in a home filled with family secrets and new rules, especially when her twin escaped from their new home, an arranged marriage was set with her, when her younger brother became ill. She would stop to nothing from preventing the emperor one of his own and for himself.

This was a wonderful historical romance novel that dealt with the Ptolemic mythical history in the past. This was well focused on Selene as she and her twins went through a lot. For this former princess turned prisoner, she was one tough cookie. I cared at her and her brothers all the way and wondered what she had gotten herself into. I loved the mythical and historical woven facts and the Roman locations and settings to make you feel about her. This would take you into a whole new world with non-stop action, drama, a hint of romance and plenty of intrigue.

Will you discover Lily of the Nile today?

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