Sunday, August 14, 2016


In Patricia Hall's  Dead Beat, get ready to do the time warp again. Before the Beatles made it big in Liverpool and London in the 1960s, a serial killer had struck the SoHo area with some gruesome deaths. For Kate O'Donnell, a young woman trying to make it as a professional photographer to impress her boss, she was also looking for her brother Thomas who she haven't seen it in years. For DC Harry Barnard, he's looking for a suspect in a line of murders of queers and runaways, while he has his eyes on Kate and Tom. While the both of them looking for answers, they dealt with the taboo  subject of same-sex relationships, corrupt cops and a gangly mobster who might stand in their way. In the end, they came to the shocking truth with a disturbing ending on who it was.

This was a stand out historical mystery to portray how London was back in the day in the 1960s. I really cared for Kate and how she made herself known in the world as a young professional photographer, while she looked for her brother. As for Harry, I thought he was okay who was only doing his job and did nab the right bad guy. I hated how they portrayed queers. I did like the dual locations of Liverpool and London in the 1960s time period for this storyline with crisp settings for the scenery. Great drama, suspense, intrigue, and a lot if intense non-stop action in this moving plot.

Follow the trail of music to the sound of a dead beat today.

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