Saturday, August 20, 2016

No Game for a Dame

In M Ruth Myers's No Game for a Dame, the first installment in the Maggie Sullivan historical mystery series, we're transferred back in time to hit the easy streets. In Post-Depression era in Ohio, Maggie Sullivan is a private eye and hoping to catch her first case. It all started when someone threatened her in her office and the police have an eye on her. When she worked on a case to help Lewis Throckmorton's nephew, Peter Stowe, who's in a bind, it was up to her to find out what's it all about. As soon as she unraveled the mystery on who was behind the threats for him and even on her, she doesn't break under pressure, even when her first client dumps her. When she believed she had it, she discovered who was behind it, when her life was on the line to fight for her own life.

This was a fantastic historical mystery that took place in 1930s Ohio. This paid homage to hard boiled mysteries from the past decade. I really cared for Maggie and how she made out on her own, when danger darkened her footsteps. I also cared for Flora, Thelma and Peter and a couple of cops. I loved the 1930s Ohio was the idealistic location and settings for this interesting twisted turn for historical mysteries. This would take you back into time, when things weren't so easy and everything was cheaper than a dime with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense.

Will you check out No Game for a Dame today?

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  1. Thanks, Kristen! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. The fifth book in the series, Maximum Moxie, comes out in September.


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