Monday, August 1, 2016


In Peter Parkin and Alison Darby's Serpentine, this thriller will take you on a fast-paced thrill ride. Nathan Morrell is the head of Flying Machines Inc., and had designed Serpentine, a brand new roller coaster for Adventureland. On the day of the reveal, something's going awfully wrong when 25 people died. Beyond his shock and awe, he couldn't believe his eyes and rescued the lone survivor. From peer pressure from the brass to file a lawsuit to the NTSB's involvement, they discovered what people would take to cover up a secret in terms of sabotage and foul play. While it brought Shelby and Nathan together as a couple, it brought them in terms of who would try to thing of something so heinous and sinister in the end with a shocking fallout.

This was a spectacular debut thriller about the roller coaster. I cared about Nathan Morrell and Shelby Sutcliffe and how they went through and endured this ordeal. There's some nasty characters in there too. I loved the theme park setting in Virginia and the locations of Washington D.C and Florida. This would leave you with chills and thrills in this fast-paced page-turning thriller. Hang onto your seat as this has romance, drama, intrigue and mystery along the way.

Would you be tempted to ride Serpentine if you dare?

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