Sunday, August 28, 2016

Murder on the Switzerland Trail

In Mike Befeler's Murder on the Switzerland Trail, he gave us a classic mystery with an intriguing tale. It's June 1919 after the Depression era, Officer Harry McBride and his wife Susan went on a train ride from Boulder to Eldora, Colorado. Along the ride, they were joined by a couple of passengers to took the same trip. At first, it sounded like a fascinated trip to see the scenery, but there was a lot of tension in the area and a lot of gripes for one person named Frederick Hammond, a war veteran who recovered from influenza. There was a lot of swipes at each other and jobs to set him off. At the stop of Eldora, before they returned to Boulder, Frederick was murdered on his way to board the train. Now it was up to Harry to uncover whodunit before they stopped at Boulder. As the only fellow police officer on the job, he made a shocking discovery before the culprit would stop at nothing in the end with a bittersweet ending.

This was a pretty decent mystery in my book, but due to a lot of factual information via the train ride, the murder took place halfway through the novel and not earlier. I did like the scenic route via the train on the Switzerland Trail from Boulder to Eldora, Colorado and the tidbits of historical knowledge thrown in. I liked Harry and most of the characters, though I couldn't stand Professor Sager and Frederick Hammond altogether. This is nice for a light ride from start to finish with a lot of intrigue to suck you in and take you on a ride of your own with drama, tension, and little non-stop action.

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