Sunday, November 13, 2016

Triple Six

In Erica Spindler's Triple Six, the second installment in the Lightkeepers Paranormal Thriller series, the battle between good and evil, dark and light rage on in this compelling gripping thriller. Months later, after Detective Michaela "Mad Dog" Dare was injured on their first fight against the Dark Bearer, she had questions that she needed the answers for. Back on her feet on the next case, they deal with home invasions across the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Angel meets and gets rescued by a man named Seth, who she fells in love for. But both Micki and her partner Detective Zach Harris are both leery and wary about. As she's drawn into his embraces and meets his uncle Will, the case heats up for Micki and Zach, when they have possible leads and suspects, which hit a dead end, literary. As they get closer to the truth, Angel's turns against them, not know who's drawn her into a deadly web of her own. When it dawned to her, it would be too late, until it would come crashing down on her with a shocking ending.

This was another explosive installment into the paranormal thriller series. I really continued to care for Micki and Zach and worried about Angel. I felt compelled to read more and drawn on how she became tangled into an otherwordly web. I loved the New Orleans scenery and gripping locations, especially with the epic battle of good vs evil. This cross-genre of paranormal elements in a mind-blowing thriller will take you for a wild ride with drama, non-stop action, plenty of suspense and a hint of intriguing romance from start to finish.

Will you watch your step with Triple Six?

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